Three month time lapse

Just like a damn INTP. I started something, went hardcore for a few weeks and forgot all about it. Oh well, atleast I'm not a quitter, just a fan of the frequent sabbatical.  I find it very difficult to stick to anything that does not produce some necessity to life. I wonder if this is a common thing for most women in my age group? Is the constant search for a passion or one to mimic a concept that puzzles us all at some point in life. Do the people that are born with a passion for something, do they ever question it? Does it get boring?  

It is so crazy. I am sitting here at this conference for bloggers and I feel like I have nothing to talk about, but I really have so many questions. The women here represent everything puzzling me right now about life. The atmosphere is dripping with passion and drive. The people look like me, the talk like me, I should be able to connect. The resources to quench my thirst for answers are right before me but for some reason the words won't leave me....What is it?

Lauren Barnes