We should not let this die with technology....

Hello out there to anyone who is giving this blog a shot. I truly appreciate you.

My mind is very active all day long. It is at times exhausting. One of today's topics that so rudely impeded on productivity at work was technology and the things it has given to my generation as well as what it has taken away.  I specifically want to focus on my generation (in my head people the ages of 23 and 32, I'm 27) because the rise of advancements in the internet and it's application to our lives rose in our adolescences and teenage years. I was legitimately involved in the evolution of the social and economic influence of the internet. The effects in some instances have been so subtle that most of us will not realize them until later on in life. I just want talk about one I think is being overlooked by most at this very moment.

Pictures... like actual photographs

My dad is a pretty dope human being. He has taken photographs of my siblings and me throughout all points of our lives. I never realized how critical this was until my little brother showed me his yearbook. I love to look at the baby picture section of yearbooks because babies are just freaking adorable. Anyway, there were some kids that didn't have pictures and he told me that was because a lot of his classmates either didn't have actual photographs or could not find the digital cameras or the SD cards their photos were stored on. That just made me think about how all my photos from college are either on facebook or myspace. I wouldn't know how to get into my MySpace account to save my life, so yeah I'll never recover those...like ever. And then there is Facebook, I could try to go through all of my pictures and pick out a few as a keepsake but I'm a freaking millennial and see no logic in that because in my head Facebook will be popular AND exist forever and ever.

Moral of the story print out some pictures from each stage in your life, that carry any level of significance to you. You never know you might want to share that one day with your future kid or just have something to look back at laugh when you are feeling a little down. Technology is amazing but sometimes a little nostalgia will ground you when you need it most!

Lauren Barnes