Mind Post #1- Do this before 25....you wont regret it

Mind Post #1

Bon Dia 🌞 Beautiful People!


So over these past few years, I have been putting real effort in to this whole adulting thing. Part of that effort has been devoted to understanding myself, my emotions and all the other corny sh*t that goes along with that. In the next couple of post I would like to discuss some of the things that I did that I think would be beneficial to any 20-something year old who is going through the “pre-mid-life crisis”.


Thing 1

Personality Test


No, not like the one’s you find in Cosmo or at the end of a BuzzFeed video that tell your personality based on what type of pasta you like to eat on the third Friday in the second leap year of your life. I am talking about the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or one like it. In most instances, I am a true skeptic. I am one of those people who have to consider all circumstances that may make something invalid before I believe it and the case was no different when it came to taking this test. That is, until I took it. 


It all started during one of my breaks from college. My best friend from high school and I had always been kind of nerdy. We were the type that took a few weeks during the summer before our senior year to visit engineering firms just to ask questions about what we should expect out of “our future careers.” We were broke college students so during this break we would just talk either on the phone or online via google hangouts. We both always kind of obsessed over understanding human behavior. We would share stories about people we were dating or just interacting with at school and dissect conversations trying to apply a motive to pretty every sentence would could recall. 


One day he sent me an email with a link to 16personalities.com  and told me to take the test and report back to him immediately. That was my introduction to a world of understanding I did not know existed. My test returned a result of INTP, which is (I)ntroverted i(N)tuitive (T)hinking (P)erceiving. The profile was so detailed and described me in such an accurate and detailed way I literally was like “oh f*ck big brother is real.” I won’t blab about what it said exactly because that would be a never ending post but I will link these and full description below.


How has it helped me?


A lot of people in today’s world, myself include, are skeptical of anything that includes categorizing or placing yourself in a box. So personality test are highly critiqued. I think it is important to not become such a logical person that everything you believe has empirical data as a burden of proof. I am a whole hearted believer that anything and everything has a chance, even if unimaginable, to be disproven. Somethings we believe in to make us happy or maybe because they exclusively apply to only us. With that said, discovering my personality type has truly assisted me in accepting my emotions and differentiating which ones I need to confront immediately and which I need to literally let go. I am hoping it can do the same for another young person out there search for their most comfortable and successful path.





Links Baby!

INTP Profile


Take The Test Here!


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